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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  February 18, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PST

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hasn venezuela, hugo chavez returned home two months after cancer surgery in cuba, chavez tweets. hello, this is al jazeera live from doha. youth investigation accuses the syrian government forces and others of committing war crimes. shial muslims are -- muslims are demanding pakistan's government and do more. and airline workers are striking.
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after months of rumor and uncertainty, venezuelan president hugo chavez has returned home to caracas. is ministers made the announcement on twitter. he had been receiving treatment for cancer in cuba. underwent a six hour operation in december at the age of 58. our correspondent joins us on the line from buenos aires. told us that he was back in the world. short on detail. >> glenn me clarify that the tweets were supposed to have been written by president chavez himself. -- let m clarifiede. he had not used it since november. "we have arrived back
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in the venezuelan fatherland. thanks, my god! thanks, my beloved people! here we will continue the treatment." the acting vice president and president maduro says mr. chavez has been taken to the military hospital, where he is now. he landed about six hours ago, so this is very big news in venezuela. the other thing president chavez wrote was "i'm clinging to christ and trusting in my doctors and nurses." we shall live and overcome." very short messages. there's been a lot of pressure and economic pressure for the president to return. his exact condition is not clear. we saw a photograph of him on saturday surrounded by his two daughters. he is supposedly on a ventilator. we have not heard him speak. there are many questions about exactly how he is. we do know that he's back in
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venezuela and at the military hospital in caracas. >> so that means is cancer treatment will continue. the fact that he's on a theilator, doctors said board was leaked by is ministers that he had a severe chest infection following the operation. so he must now be well enough to travel, at least. >> he did have a severe lung infection which they have say has been cured, but he had to have a lot of help breathing and this is not been resolved completely. his cancer treatment continues. there's no question about that. it was said lakes last week that his treatment is still not without great risk. , thenn imagine by that he's not out of the woods by any means. lucia, in buenos
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aires. united nations has identified individuals in the syrian government who may be responsible for war crimes. it's part of a report put together by an independent team for the united nations. says that seriously -- syrian government forces have committed and gross violations of humanitarian law including arbitrary arrests and destruction. the report also says anti- government fighters have also committed war crimes. >> we were able to identify high level perpetrators. we will indicate that in a list that will remain sealed, because what we need is a tribunal , to conduct a formal investigation, and be able to issue an
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indictment against such perpetrators. >> now some analysis from our correspondents and joining us from beirut. what are the main concerns of the people who compiled the report? but the major concern is that the violence is rising. it is becoming bloodier. conditions for civilians are deteriorating. they say that war crimes have been committed by government forces and by the rebels. the major part is by the pro- government forces. however, they are concerned that the conflict is being radicalized by the spread of weapons and more lethal weapons are being used. the presence of foreign fighters as well. and they say the power vacuum is allowing criminal elements the opportunity to create chaos and to use it to destroy more. appear to have no
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strategic purpose. the panel wants their report to push the international community to start the will of justice. want those response will for the crimes to be brought to justice. they're not releasing the names, but it's a confidential list they have accumulated that they will present to the u.n. human rights council. will happen then is not clear. this is a great step by trying to identify the individuals. at the same time, there's a political process where the international community is trying to find a comprehensive settlement for the crisis in syria, which may include some kind of safe exit for the people at the helm of power, like president bush are assad. workhese two tracks will alongside each other has to be figured out. >> these accusations of war crimes being committed by both sides are not exactly the things we have not heard before. >> but now we are hearing it
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from the united nations, from a panel that was set up by the international community. it has legitimacy. it is going to be submitted in an official matter to the u.n. human rights council. this is the highest authority. if there's an international will, these steps could become the first steps in order to bring over these people responsible to justice, to start an official war crimes investigation into these atrocities. >> thank you for that report. in pakistan, relatives of the victims appeared the quetta bombing are refusing to bury their dead. and there are protests in cities around the country, calling for the culprits to be brought to justice after a new law to make discrimination against shia muslims a criminal offense. the attack michael pro-is an
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armed group claimed more than 80 lives. they bombed a water tanker that exploded in a vegetable market. population wasa targeted. now this report from islamabad. >> the pakistani government unable or unwilling to do hias,ing to protect the s mounting protests in several cities. a broad karate to a standstill and the main road to the airport was blocked and schools are closed. they want their voices heard. they say enough is enough and nobody's helping us. have a demand that the pakistani army needs to mount a targeted operation against the group responsible for these attacks. 2000,roup was banned in yet it is still able to mount brazen attacks such as the 13 days ago. want aa community also
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lot to protect them. want discrimination against them to come to an end. the clock is ticking. what happens after that, if their demands are not met, it's likely that the protests could get angry. that could lead to violence. >> two suicide bombers and blown themselves up outside a government compound in the pakistani city of peshawar. five people reportedly killed. at least seven others injured. the attack happened while a meeting of tribal and government officials was being held. it is thought the attacks could be in retaliation for anti- taliban talks being held inside the compound at the time. in bangladesh, a protester has been shot dead during demonstrations against government files of opposition party leaders. a general strike is also being held today following a decision to change a controversial war crimes law. under the new legislation, a prominent opposition leader convicted of war crimes and sentenced to life in prison could be executed.
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now more. strike.have heeded the but this is a country divided. others are out defying the strike in support of harsher sentences for those they see as war criminals. >> the last two weeks they are struggling day and night. taking a stance against war criminals. >> parliament has amended a lawsuit the state cannot appeal any war crimes verdict it feels is inadequate and out of touch with public opinion. that opinion is largely in favor of executing the top official. he's been committed the murder, rape, and tortured during the 1971 war of independence. the court handed him a life sentence, but many feel he should be executed. more than a dozen people have
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been killed in the last week while bangladeshis protests across the country. there have also been rallies against executing him. supporters of one of the largest have usedn groups believ excessive force, in some cases live ammunition - they say police have been using excessive force. >> the current governing party wanted to make sure that they done as partnging of their manifesto. people are polarized based on religion, on secularism, on every small detail you can think of. unfortunately, things will get worse. >> the latest amendment is just another ploy by the government to destroy his party, says. but the government says it's looking for justice for terrible
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cres committed just over 40 years ago. there's no unity and no agreement here. it seems that bangladesh still has some way to go before it can put to rest its painful past. wille airplane in spain stay on the ground the next five days. begun a fivef have day strike in protest against job and salary cuts. action preceptor ground more than 1000 flights in spain this week? . it is expected to cost the airline millions of dollars. workers including baggage handlers, pilots, and cabin crews say they will hold off three separate strikes until march. iberia said the layoffs are necessary to cut costs. now more from madrid. is the future, more robots and automatic check-in desks, fewer people with real jobs. this area would be much busier than it is now.
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the first friday strike has led to the cancellation of 416 flights. over one of thousands if you consider smaller spanish airlines. seven big thousand passengers have either had to be found other seeds or be reimbursed. most of it is affecting domestic services. the fear is that with ground staff walking out with cabin crews and pilots, this could have a knock on affect other international airlines using spanish airports. iberia does have deep structural issues that need to be addressed. its parent company gets its way, an extra 3800 people will be joining the already very long unemployment lines in spain. critics of weather forecast coming up. products supplied dinner tables around the world, but children are working the fields illegally. a report later.
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find out how chicago is making use of old past expects -- old plastic bags. >> a fairmount of wintry weather and try to make its way across europe and the moment. let's look at a satellite picture. an area of clouds sinking south word. that might not look impressive on a satellite picture, but it will give us heavy snow as it eventually moves south on tuesday. lots of wintry weather in poland and across in germany. towards the west, very different. plenty of sunshine around and blue skies. and an getting to 10 degrees in paris. across the iberian peninsula, more clouds on tuesday appeared that will affect us in the
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northwestern parts of africa as well. gray skies in morocco. that system will move east over the next few days. for the time being, algeria will see a few clouds at times with temperatures not bad, getting up to about 16 degrees. the farther east, in turkey, clouds gradually making their way towards us. around the western coast on tuesday. the capitol will get to about nine degrees. if it should
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>> president chavez has returned to venezuela from cuba where he was receiving cancer treatment. he made the announcement via twitter. the 58-year-old had not been seen in public since december. the u.n. is accusing members of the syrian government of war crimes. the allegations are from our reports as regime forces committed rape, torture, and
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arbitrary detention. it also says rebels have committed crimes against humanity. pakistani shia are demanding action against those responsible for the bombing in quetta. relatives of the victims are refusing to bury their dead until the government acts. the attacks killed 84 people. remains of more than 150 people have been found in a mass grave in central sri lanka. the forensic investigators are trying to find out it's who they were and the circumstances that led to their deaths. >> a gruesome discovery -- workers at a hospital in matale district found this mass grave. it contained the remains of 154 people. this doctor is the additional medical officer in charge of the investigation. >> i have informed the courts that.
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>> the doctor says detailed analysis of the remains must be carried out. bone samples will be sent abroad to find out when they died and a further analysis of the area is done of the soi >> the others think is the direction of the burial. certain injuries i have already informed the courts. >> some say these are victims of a smallpox outbreak from 100 years ago while others believe they may have been killed by a flood some years ago. the evidence of violence points to a possible crime that these may be victims of a violent government crackdown of a group uprising in 1971 or during the late 1980's. the marxist party and whose members were killed during the uprisings is calling for a speedy and thorough investigation into the grave. the group says this site could
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potentially be where some of its members may have been buried. >> victims murdered in the past were burned. graves, the government murdered 60,000 of our youth at the time i. and methodicalva speedy investigation is expected from central sri lanka. hollande, thes of british prime minister is india to drum up trade. he has taken some of the biggest business leaders from the u.k. with him. david cameron wants to double trade with india to $35 billion. >> the sky's the limit as far as i'm concerned. it's about business, economy, trade, but also about culture, diplomacy.
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and the will be one of the leading nations in this century. we want to be your partners prevents why i'm here today. >> thousands of people have been protesting in an egyptian city of ports said. they're angry about a death sentences handed to 21 people for their involvement in the tragedy. now more. >> there's a growing sense of isolation here. people are demanding justice. they are also demanding that their dignity restored. the way security forces dealt with the clashes here last month's. >> they killed my brother. he has six children. >> my son and his father went out to buy lunch. there were walking by the police station. there was a shootout. bullets from above the station and in front of it and then my son fell to the ground.
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his father took him to the military hospital, but the head died on the spot. a governmentant fact-finding mission. >> the protesters say nothing will satisfy them. they say there's a lack of accountability in egypt since the revolution. it's in northern nigeria, more security has been deployed. ? 74 workers held hostage. gunmen shot dead a security guard as they entered the lebanese-owned compound? . the hostages include hostages lebanon, greece, and elsewhere in the one has claimed responsibility. in armenia, there is the presidential election going on. the current president is predicted to win a second five- year term. the campaign has been marred by an assassination attempt on one
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of his rivals. and a hunger strike by another. in ecuador, the presidential correa n has rafael nada getting most of the votes. his closest rival has already conceded defeat. now this report from the capital quito. >> with exit polls showing he had easily won a majority of the vote, the president was in a celebratory mood. >> thank you very much for the great confidence you have shown in me. you know i would never failure and we will never fail you. this victory is yours. even before official results, his supporters came to the presidential palace to celebrate with the president. there will not be a need for a runoff. none of the seven other candidates even came close. heavy spending on social programs convinced this person
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to vote for the incumbent. >> i decided to vote for him because he has done a lot of things and they must continue. i fear another president will change what the country has gained. >> thanks in part to increased oil revenues people have benefited from strong economic growth in recent years. but many voters want to see more sustainable development. more economic stability, more security, and to reinforce education. >> we need to work more on important issues like education, culture, justice, to better the country further. >> he came to power six years ago, promising socialist reform in what he calls its citizens revolution. but his critics say the president has failed his former allies. andgovernment has divided weak and social organizations and business groups. he has not given people strong participation in the government. that is his greatest challenge.
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strong man remains a supporter of the president even though he says his family has never benefited from government help. >> he is doing things well and the poor people are with him. >> this man has been shining shoes at the main plaza 32 years. correa is the 13th president he has seen in office and he's happy to get to see him a few more years. al jazeera, ecuador. >> an unusual trial is scheduled to begin in russia soon. it involves a defendant who is dead. accused russian tax authorities of stealing $200 million. but when he reported this to police, they arrested him for tax evasion. he was found dead in his cell a year later. the government of oratory
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outside chicago, the u.s. investing millions of dollars into a new center designed to improve batteries that power iphones to from eye phon electric cars. they've made a breakthrough in green technology that could turn a trash to cash. >> from a grocery store to garbage dump, there is a global glut of plastic bags. 100 billion are discarded each year in the u.s. alone, just 13 percent are recycled and the rustling on lawns and in landfills for centuries. craig reddix hundreds of years to degrade. >> they want to end all that. the scientists at this laboratory have found a way to turn the bags into batteries. >> there are many benefits. a very important product. >> in the past, this were not able to mix different kinds of plastics, and he found a way around that. the cuts the bags up and stuffed
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them into a metal tube, as the catalyst, and he'd sit to 700 degrees celsius. then in a few hours he has a black powder and then carbon, it sells for more than gold. in a few minutes each and converted into this watch battery. all the green technology in the world does not do any good unless people use it. for that, it has to be made inexpensively. that's what these scientists are working on. >> the more energy you can put in the battery, the cheaper the battery pack is. we have tried to reduce the cost of a battery pack by storing more energy into the battery itself. >> at the argon lab, the u.s. government plans to invest $129 to create smaller, more powerful batteries. the technology behind the battery for the chevy volt was developed here. >> it is a global environment.
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sodalities in the u.s. can be made available to countries like india and bangladesh almost immediately. >> the goal is to extend battery life to 10 or 15 years within this decade. because the battery is the engine of the electric car and a big part of the cost, that would cut prices and pollution levels around the world. alice everett, illinois. al jazeera reporting from illinois. >> u.s. country music star mindy mccready was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. in recent years if she received attention for a troubled family life after getting a string of hits in the 1990's. 300,000 children working illegally in mexico in the fields that provide produced for dinner tables across the globe. we traveled to the western state to find out what authorities are doing to stop child exploitation.
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for this 3-ong day year-old come up at dawn and working until dusk, taking chili peppers -- picking chili peppers. it'
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